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Phillip Troy Lindsay

My name is Phillip Troy Lindsay, and I am the Head Reiki Instructor/practitioner over Lindsay’s Reiki Healing. I have been involved in a plethora of different physical activities throughout my life, but some of the most notable ones are football and martial arts. I am a former collegiate football player, and I also used to own my own martial arts studio. As much as I love sports and testing my limits physically, as I have gotten older I have started feeling the effects, both physically and mentally, from my constant athletic involvement through the years. Those effects are what prompted me to seek out a way to heal my body and mind in a homeopathic way, and that’s when I was introduced to Reiki healing. Since I have started practicing Reiki, I have found a sense of peace, I have more energy, and my body doesn’t feel weighed down with physical and emotional baggage. I can honestly say that practicing Reiki has helped me to heal in all aspects of my life, and I truly feel like everyone deserves to have access to such an amazing form of energy healing through deep meditation. This is why I have decided to share my knowledge with people in all walks of life to the powerful “magic” that everyone has within themselves by teaching Reiki through Lindsay’s Reiki Healing.

Session Prices & Packaging

Individual Sessions: 

-Adults : $40.00
-Seniors/Veterans: $30.00
-Children: $25.00

Pet Sessions: 

-One Session: $25.00
-Four Sessions: $80.00

Session Packages: 

*Each Package Is Four Sessions
-Adults: $120.00
-Seniors/Veterans: $100.00
-Children: $80.00

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Client Testimonials

"Coming from a person who had really bad anxiety and was living life for everyone but herself, I decided to give Reiki a try to help me relieve stress. Before my first session I was very nervous, but when I met Troy he helped make me feel at peace. He answered any questions I had, and helped me to remain calm and relaxed during our sessions. I won’t go into detail as far as the guidance he gave me, but I will say that everything he brought up was spot on with what I was going through in my life.  From personal experience, I highly suggest Reiki with Troy!" -K. Woltemath

 "I didn't know what to expect, and found the experience relaxing and the instructor very knowledgeable.  I was quite surprised when he pointed out key areas which needed  attention, areas which I was previously  aware of and wondered how he could of known!  There was one point during the session when the energy was so prevalent,  the instructor had removed his palm from my knee (I had a total knee replacement) and it felt like it was still there!  I also have had no pain in that area. I am  really looking forward to my next appointment to seek further insight and guidance." -R. Newton

"Overall wonderful first time experience with Reiki. I didn't know what to expect but was extremely relaxed and pleased with how I felt afterwards. Something you can't describe, but must experience for yourself. I cannot wait for my next Reiki session with Troy!"

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